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Don’t be an April ‘fad-diet’ Fool!

Don’t be an April Fool and Fall for these Foolish Fad Diets!

The internet is a broad place, although it has opened many eyes to access information easily and seamlessly, it has also developed into an environment of fake news and misleading claims. Governing bodies are in constant battles to ensure the information out there is sound, but as I said, the internet is vast and it’s easy to be fed the wrong info. So, don’t be an April Fool and fall for these ‘foolish’ fad diets.

The Celebrity Juice Diet

Popular among the social media stars and celebs, this seems to be the new trendy diet to try. Claims from its alleged founder suggest its gut healing powers stem from reviving stomach glands and hydrochloric acid, eliminating sodium cluster salts, essentially ‘cleansing’. The medical community are not an advocate of these claims as they are not evidence based. The idea of a cool refreshing drink full of vitamins and minerals is great, but the process of juicing celery actually strips the vegetable of its extremely important elements. The idea of juice cleansing is far from a healthy lifestyle. We have organs; the gut, kidneys and liver excreting toxins daily. Extreme eating, fasting or juicing will not do a better job than your organs are already doing.

Celebrity Juice Diet
Baby Food Diet

The Baby Food Diet

With the intent of promoting weight loss through the consumption of 16 jars of only baby food each day, this could take the biscuit on most foolish fad diet. Claiming to promote a calorie deficit, eliminate toxins and breaking bad habits.

We have highlighted the need for a calorie deficit in our previous pieces: The CICO Diet and Low Carb or Low Fat = Weight Loss 9 but with that said, a calorie deficit achieved with food for a toddler may be a bit extreme. While baby food is there to help nourish our growing infants, it’s merely a complete gimmick to hoax the gullible into downing 16 jars of mush.

The Ice Diet

From my understanding the rationale behind chewing or melting ice in your mouth is that your body is using more calories to melt ice while also working hard to regulate your body temperature. Surely then living in Ireland in the miserable cold winters, we’d all be whippets then. Total nonsense!

However, benefits can be seen from consuming more liquids, which is always a plus as mild dehydration can often stimulate hunger so it would keep this at bay. With that said, this as a lifestyle is purely radical when it comes to healthy sustainable weight loss.

Ice Diet


The extreme nonsensical diets will always be around with new crazier ones popping up. What we do know is that it is best to nourish your body with a balanced diet of all nutrients. Achieving a calorie deficit in a safe, controlled manor is the tried and tested method in achieving, maintaining and enjoying your weight loss.

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