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Rebecca is a registered Associate Nutritionist with the UKVRN through the Association for Nutrition. She completed her Bachelors of Science Degree in Nutraceuticals in Health and Nutrition before achieving her Masters Degree in Public Health Nutrition in Queen Margaret's University, Edinburgh. Before joining the GourmetFuel team, Rebecca was a Nutrition & Allergen Menu Analyst. She is passionate about food and promoting 'real food' diets! She is also interested in Childhood and Elderly Nutrition. For any kind of nutrition advice, you can reach Rebecca at
  • 12 Weeks to Summer kCal Magic number by GourmetFuel

12 Weeks to Summer

12 Weeks to Summer - What is your kCal magic number? We are all dreaming of Summer and hoping to relive the scorcher we had last year. Now is the time to take control of your goals and make sure you are the healthiest you can be to enjoy the

Are you a night time eater?

Struggling in the evenings? Read our tips to help keep you on track! You’re making the right meal choices, hitting your step count and still struggling to see the benefits. Feeling deflated after your January total overall? Sometimes diving two feet first can take its toll of us after the

  • Lifestyle changes for weight loss

8 Lifestyle Changes for Weight Loss

 These 8 tips will help you on your way to achieving your goals and maintaining your results. There’s no magic potion or secret formula. We all know eating less (of the bad things) and moving more (Output vs Input), is the key to weight loss.

  • Setting New Year Goals

Setting Goals for the New Year!

Setting your New Year's goals! The New Year is a great time to reassess where you are in your life, where you anticipated you would be and it’s a great time to re-evaluate your goals. You know you can start again with a fresh sheet and do what’s important to you.  

  • Christmas Leftovers

How to use your Christmas leftovers…

We can't resist a stuffing sandwich, complimented by a relish, cranberry sauce or even some mayo! Turkey works great in curries! It's also a great way to add some different flavours during the Christmas time! We know there are rarely leftover vegetables, but if you happened to have a few naughty non-veg

  • How to enjoy the 20 of your 80/20

How to enjoy the 20 of your 80/20?

5 tips on how to enjoy the 20 of your 80/20 sensibly? The 80/20 concept promotes and teaches moderation and balance. Although ‘everything in moderation’ is a well-known concept, it helps to have structure on this when it comes to your own healthy eating so as to avoid over-indulging

  • WHO - the key to being healthy

WHO identifies a healthy diet as the key to being healthy

According to the WHO, a healthy diet is the number 1 top tip for a healthy life. We are bombarded with information on the best way to live a long wholesome life. The World Health Organisation (WHO) cited ‘a healthy diet’ as the top tip for achieving and maintaining

  • 80/20 Concept

The 80/20 Concept

The words ‘diet’, ‘clean eating’, ‘detox’ are often associated with fads and failures, but the 80/20 principle is no diet. It's a lifestyle modification that can lead to sustainable changes. Depriving and limiting ourselves is a thing of the past and is not maintainable, so the 80/20 lifestyle has merits

  • The Keto Diet

The Keto Diet

The Ketogenic Diet – known as ‘keto diet’ – is definitely having it’s moment in the limelight with plenty of celebrities throwing their name in the hat as an advocate. With the increased popularity and buzz word ‘keto diet’ flying around social media and our gyms it can be increasing

  • The Alkaline Diet

Celebrity Diets – The Alkaline Diet

The Alkaline Diet gaining popularity among Celebrities, is based on the theory that our modern diets are causing our bodies to increase acid production causing increased fat and subsequent weight gain. High acidity levels in our bodies has a suggested link to deteriorating bone health in the form of arthritis