• How to enjoy the 20 of your 80/20

How to enjoy the 20 of your 80/20?

5 tips on how to enjoy the 20 of your 80/20 sensibly?

The 80/20 concept promotes and teaches moderation and balance. Although ‘everything in moderation’ is a well-known concept, it helps to have structure on this when it comes to your own healthy eating so as to avoid over-indulging ‘in moderation’. Moderation and balance are vital to healthy eating and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The 80/20 concept veers away from all-or-nothing style diets which are restrictive and oppressive, causing more occurrence of bingeing and falling off the healthy eating wagon all together.

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Tip 1: The first tip is to know that no food is off limit. When you are having a more indulgent meal or snack, don’t restrict yourself. The whole point of 80/20 is to incorporate all foods into your diet and promote balance.

Tip 2: Don’t think of it as a cheat meal/day! We are bombarded with Good versus Evil when it comes to healthy eating and it can be overwhelming. The 80/20 concept eliminates the idea that you are cheating on being healthy when you are deciding to let loose a little and not over restrict because you have a balanced lifestyle in place. And as tip #1 states: no food is off limit.

Tip 3:  Don’t get too worried or anxious that your 20% is going to cause a huge detriment to your health or goal. By eating 80/20, you are learning how to incorporate indulgent foods into your diet without compromising your overall goal.

Tip 4: What is 20%? We can often be a little too generous with our 20%. It can be tough to know as it varies depending on the individual. To start, visualise a plate with 80% vegetables and 20% your indulgent food of choice, this is what your day, week, and month of 80/20 looks like.

Tip 5: Eat what you love! This applies to the 80 and the 20. If you dislike broccoli, don’t eat broccoli. Replace broccoli with a vegetable you prefer. Don’t loathe the idea of your 80%. This goes for your 20% too. Don’t have an indulgent food just for the sake of it. Make sure you are always enjoying your choices. Food is meant to be enjoyed.

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