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The Importance of eating healthy as you get older

The Importance of eating healthy as you get older It’s no secret that as we age our metabolism slows and often appetite suppresses. We are more susceptible to illness and accidents. With that said, focusing on maintaining a healthy, balanced, adequate diet is going to promote wellbeing and keep your health striving. Continuing

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Post Pregnancy Misconceptions

5 Post Pregnancy Misconceptions It’s time for weight loss & calorie deficit Losing pregnancy weight might be at the fore front of your mind, but what you must remember is, a certain weight gain is normal in pregnancy. After your baby arrives it’s more important to focus on fuelling your

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The Key to Healthy Skin

The Key to Healthy Skin Youthful, clear, radiant skin is something most of us aspire to have, and with women in Ireland estimated to spend over €10,000 euro on skincare alone in their lifetime, skin health is clearly something we are willing to invest in. However, you can buy

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Is ‘Diet’ a dirty word?

Is 'Diet' a Dirty Word? Diet has now developed this almost negative connotation in the nutrition and health industry. A dirty word. It has lost its original meaning: Diet - The kinds of food that a person, animal, or community habitually eats. To the more socially accepted - A special

The 4 Weeks to Summer Maintenance

4 Weeks to Summer Maintenance Congratulations, you’ve been doing so well and are on target to reach your goal. But what now? This isn’t the time to revert to old habits. From now you should see some positive new behaviours adopted and it shouldn't seem like some structured effort to

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What is your employer feeding you?

What is your employer feeding you? With Ireland’s National Workplace Wellbeing Day come and gone, are you getting the best support from your employer when it comes to your workplace food? The focus of employers has shifted to wellbeing in an attempt to build the strongest and healthiest workforce available.

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Anti-Inflammatory Diets

Anti-Inflammatory Diets In honour of National Arthritis Week, taking place from 8th-14th April, we thought there was no better time for an article on Anti-Inflammatory diets, a way of eating that protects our cells and our organs from low level chronic inflammation by reducing the inflammation. The diet,

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What can you achieve in 8 weeks?

8 Weeks to Summer - What can you achieve? Eight weeks, about 56 days. A lot can be achieved in such a time, but exactly to what extent is this change significant, rewarding and maintainable. Setting goals is important, we explored this in our Setting Goals for the New Year

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Don’t be an April ‘fad-diet’ Fool!

Don't be an April Fool and Fall for these Foolish Fad Diets! The internet is a broad place, although it has opened many eyes to access information easily and seamlessly, it has also developed into an environment of fake news and misleading claims. Governing bodies are in constant battles to

Is Coffee Bad For You?

Is Coffee Bad For You? Ahh, coffee! As I sit here writing this with my essential morning coffee in hand, it’s hard to imagine getting through a working day without a warm mug of strong brew.  I didn’t used to be like this, my coffee addiction only manifested itself last