You’re only a strong as your weakest link! 

That’s why we don’t have any weak links in our supply chain.

It is our promise to you, that we only ever use the finest of ingredients in our meals.

To always ensure the greatest quality possible, GourmetFuel hand selects its our suppliers based on the following criteria.

1. A long standing reputation for excellence

2. Meet the highest standards in Food Safety

3. Full compliance with all Food Regulations

4. Full traceability from Farm to Fork

5. Use of the best seasonal produce throughout the year

6. Delivered on the day of cooking for freshness

M&K Meats LTD

M & K Meats LTD

Out Meat Supplier

Based in Rathcoole, County Dublin they offer restaurants, hotels and food caterers the very best meat produced in Ireland.

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Total Produce

Total produce

Our only Vegetable and Fruit  Supplier

Total Produce is one of the world’s largest and most accomplished fresh produce providers. Operating out of 26 countries while serving many more, Total Produce‘s global infrastructure of over 120 facilities extends across Europe, India and North America.

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Kish Fish

Our main Fish and Seafood supplier

Established in 1966 Kish Fish delivers the finest seafood to catering professionals throughout Dublin and Leinster.

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Le Gourmet Wholefoods

Le Gourmet Wholefoods

Our main Seeds, Nuts and Spice Supplier

Established in Ireland in 1967 by owner Hugo Karlsson, Le Gourmet Wholefoods takes pride in being the first importer and distributor of quality dried and ethnic foodstuffs into the country.

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One of our main food suppliers

Since the beginning, nearly 70 years ago when the Company was founded, their aim was simple, to serve their customers with the best product and the best service they can provide. That vision has seen them evolve into the largest family operated Foodservice Company in Ireland.

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