5 Day Low Cal Meal Deal

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This low calorie structured pack helps you to control your daily calorie intake to achieve your desired goals, or gives you the freedom to make your own additions with snacks, side dishes or drinks during the day (depending on your personal calorie needs). A perfect foundation of 5 days of meals to get your through your week.

Do you know your daily calorie requirement? This multi pack could be perfect for you, but you should use our online Diet Tool to assess your daily calorie needs .

With this meal deal you get 1200 daily kCals from:

  • 400 kCal Breakfast
  • 300 kCal Lighter Bite
  • 500 kCal Main Meal

You can choose your own 5 breakfasts, lighter bites and main meals from our broad range of omnivore, pescatarian and vegetarian options!


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