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How to use the free GourmetFuel Diet Tool

  1. Choose your goal.

  2. Tell us your basic physical information including your current activity level.  It is important to be as accurate as possible as your calories will depend on it.

    • Sedentary: Little or no exercise.

    • Light: 20 mins exercise per day, 1-3 days per week or busy lifestyle.

    • Moderate: 30-60 mins exercise per day, 3-5 days per week.

    • Active: 60 mins exercise, 6-7 days per week or a labour intensive job.

    • Very Active: Hard training, everyday or very physically demanding job.

    • Athlete: Hard training twice per day, everyday.

  3. We will then calculate how many calories you need to meet your Total Daily Energy Requirement (TDER).

  4. Click on “SEE MY MEAL PLAN” to learn more about the meal plan we recommend.

  5. You can also choose to book a consultation to meet one of our nutritionists for a face to face evaluation.

Book a consultation to get more advice from our experts

Get Expert Advice

““Dear Emma & Team,
This is a long overdue note of thanks and gratitude for your Nutritional advice and superb service. Let me say I am more than delighted that you share my experience with current or potential Clients as it merits and reflects the utmost satisfaction I had with your service.
To recall, the trigger to contact Gourmet Fuel was brought about by my requirement to have a back operation and home convalescent thereafter which would entail me or my partner organising meals for a number of weeks.
Not wishing to be a burden on my partner and with no great desire to cook myself, but wanting to eat healthily to aid and speed my recovery, I found the optimum solution with Gourmet Fuel whose meals and service were beyond expectation.
Having the benefit of Emma’s expertise to create a calorie specific menu to my needs was amazing not only did I get a balance diet I managed to lose weight in the process, and putting on weight was a secret fear having been incapacitated prior to surgery; that now being housebound would add extra kilos!
It is seldom a product or service exceeds my expectations but Gourmet Fuel excelled itself in the quality and presentation of the meals, everything about each meal was first rate and proof was evident to me that although at home and sometimes bored I never snacked between the meals.
Gourmet Fuel’s service complemented their culinary skills by being on time, personable and professional this aspect made a great customer experience – perfect. From the time of my first meeting to assess my requirements, to the twice weekly deliveries there was a seamless quality of service that I had forgotten existed.
It’s reassuring to know there are people like Gourmet Fuel who do what they say they’ll do and deliver on it!
Thank you for a job well done.”
– Pat Buckley from Dublin